Hey everyone. My buddy Zak Roe is up for the Ohio University Homecoming Court! So play his first ever appearance in a video game! and vote for him for homecoming!

He asked me to make this for him as fast as possible so this is my first ever 1 hour game jam. To support other game developers like me to make more AAA content at studio quality such at this, consider donating to the Ohio University Game Developer Association in the donation box! We're just around $150 dollars shy of our $2400 dollar goal to send over 50 students to a game developer expo where there work will be displayed. Thanks for reading and don't forget to donate and vote for Zak Roe!


W - Move Up

S - Move Down

A - Move Left

D - Move Right

This is my first time releasing on itch.io so if controls are acting weird, open another tab then come back to this one and it should work just fine.

Published Oct 01, 2016
GenreRole Playing
Made withUnity
TagsComedy, Romance, Top Down Adventure

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