A game made for the 2017 Global Game Jam with the theme "Waves" You play as an Orangutan helping cheer up fruit animal hybrids by waving other citrus fruits at them. Development was done in collaboration with the Ohio University Game Developers Association and developed by Emelia Douglas, Zach Yeauger, Matt Skidmore, Eddie Collins, and Myself, Andrew Decker.

This game wasn't really developed with HTML5, I just know some people don't like downloads, so I built it to this too. Because of this, I recommend downloading the game and playing it with a controller to get the experience we wanted to deliver. I can't quite get the menu to display correctly in the HTML5 version. Works great on Mac and Windows though!

Check out my website for more information on the game:


Movement - WASD Keys / Gamepad Left Analog Stick

Melee - Left Click / X Button (Xbox controller) / Square Button (PlayStation Controller)

Ranged - Right Click / Y Button (Xbox Controller) / Triangle Button (PlayStation Controller)

Feel free to report any bugs in the comments below.

Install instructions

Windows Users: Unzip the file with right click -> extract all and pick a location. Then just launch the application by opening the exe file.

Mac Users:Unzip the file and launch the application.

All users may have to clear the application with their security as it is downloaded off the internet. Just let your computer know the application is safe and it will start.

The unity play will launch, you shouldn't have to adjust anything, simply hit play to begin!


The Seeds of Friendship (Windows) 28 MB
The Seeds of Friendship (Mac) 31 MB

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